The World Needs More Buffett’s

No, not that kind of Buffet!

The world needs more people like Warren Buffett, the investment Extraordinaire.

In a move completely unprecedented by any of his Ultra-Rich, Haute Societe, multi-billionaire friends, and in an effort to stabilise the collapsing US economy, Warren Buffett has come out with a simple statement:

“stop coddling the super-rich”.

What does this mean?

It means Mr. Buffett wants the super-rich to pay higher taxes (link).

Mr Buffett explained that, like many top earners, his income came entirely from investments rather than from employment, which are subject to lower taxes in the US.

He said last year he paid an effective tax rate of 17.4%, less than the 33% to 41% paid by the employees in his office.

I personally follow Buffett’s mantra of “Do not spend then save, save then spend”, and its paying off. Literally.

The world needs more Buffetts.

Do we have such philanthropic endeavors from the Mega-Rich in the Arab World? Lets see:

UAE billionaire’s 3km long name on earth is visible from space… (link)

The UAE billionaire – who recently bought the world’s most expensive car for Dh9 million – has carved his name on an island near Abu Dhabi.

 Reports says that the name is so massive that it’s spread over three kilometres with each letter more than half a kilometre long.

It doesn’t stop here. The gigantic name is even visible from space.

The billionaire – who goes with the first name of Hamad – carved his name in capital letters on his Al Futaisi island – near Abu Dhabi.


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