Theft at the @Sultan_Center

Never in all my years of shopping did this particular incident happen to me, until now.

Yesterday whilst stocking up on rations courtesy of our good friends at The Sultan Center, I fell victim to the strangest form of theft.

Trolley theft.

As I had just cleared the fruits and vegetable section, laden with my selections of “healthy” foods for my own consumption, I inconspicuously left my trolley to one side as I indulged in a bit of “free looking”, little did I know that my carefully selected goods would be no where to be found upon my return, as the entire trolley was uprooted from where I had left it, disappeared without a trace into the night.

Usually one would not lament the loss of a trolley unless it contained items which are based upon personal selection; was I to return to the fruits section and look through the apples I had deemed unworthy in order to restock my supply at home?

Never leave your shopping trolley unattended, for evil lurks around every corner.

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