Thinking One Step Ahead – Flight Trouble Circumvented

First off; a thousand apologies for the dry season of no posts for the past 12 days! It was not intentional, only circumstantial, as it is difficult to blog and travel simultaneously!

The reason behind the delay was a surprise I had been concocting for my fiancee; in this age of digital tracking it is difficult, but not impossible, to pull of a surprise without having the other person become aware of it. Trust that there will be a post for the romantics out there detailing how to go about it (generally speaking) and the residue of smiles left behind as a result of such an act.

The main concern behind this post however is addressing what happened during my return flight.

Apparently, Kuwait is experiencing some turbulent weather as flights into Kuwait over the past weekend have been delayed for prolonged periods of time. I myself was not spared, as my flight was delayed a whopping 12 hours! Making the RAK flight delay of 6 hours a mere breeze.

The Airline: Jazeera Airways.

The Reason: Weather conditions.

Probable Reason: Maintenance troubles.

My flight was originally meant to depart at 12:30pm, arriving in Kuwait by 4pm (local time). Circumstances had it that the flight was delayed/cancelled, and a representative of the airline was waiting at the airport to take confirmation and mobile numbers down to instruct passengers later by phone regarding what will be done. An unfortunate soul by my side had traversed a great distance to come to the airport, to him going back home was not an option. Word around the playground is that if a flight is delayed by more than 6 hours then the airline is responsible to book accommodation for the passenger – I doubt that was the case here.

As everyone did, I gave in my mobile number and confirmation number and left to go back home; happy at the extra time I got to spend with my family, but upset at the cost of losing time to prepare for work in Kuwait on Sunday.

It was then that I had an epiphany; why were the numbers being written down on a first come, first served basis? This must mean there would be two options for flights to Kuwait, and that the first passengers who arrived would get that option. Not one to leave things to fate, I quickly called my family in Kuwait and informed them of the situation, asking them to call up Jazeera Airways office in Kuwait and transfer my booking to the nearest possible flight.

Believe it or not, the airline had asked my family to inform me to go to any other airline and book a ticket home, and they would refund me the amount I paid them. Imagine that. I digress.

Apparently there were two flights out to Kuwait that night; a flight at 9 that was delayed to 12am, and a flight at 2:30am (meant to carry the passengers that were supposed to travel at 12:30pm).

I'm not leaving on a Jet plane, don't know when its going again

Luckily for me, I was able to get a reservation on the 12am flight, as opposed to the 2:30am flight, which is what the representative who called me back home told me. They said that I should be at the airport by 11pm to fly out at 2:30am, unbeknownst to them I had already booked myself on the earlier flight.

Whilst standing in the boarding line, I discovered I was not the only one who thought this way.

It seems rather moronic to add further delay to those that were already delayed at 12:30pm and force them onto a plane at 2:30am without giving them an earlier option. At the same time, it is not the fault of those that booked at 9pm to be bumped to 2:30am to accommodate the first batch.

Needless to say, I ended up getting back to Kuwait at 4am in the morning, with work a mere 3 hours away.

I can’t fault the airline, all I can do is commend them for sending us home instead of keeping us grounded at the airport.

Always think one step ahead.

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