This Run Will Make me Famous!

Last Monday I decided to go for my weekly run which I missed doing over the weekend due to injuries. Little did I know this run was going to make me FAMOUS!

We started off on the wrong foot, for no sooner did Sports-Tracker hook onto the GPS signal and I took off that I realised my pockets felt extraordinarily lighter, given the fact that I was carrying my mobile/GPS tracker there.

As it turns out, in keeping up with me, my phone attempted to get moving as well, and jumped out of my pocket only to realise it has no legs, and fell apart on the cold, hard road. Luckily, no car ran over it, and I was able to recover it with little damage done to its external casing, save the few odd bumps and scratches here and there.

Returning home to fetch safety pins in order to ensure security, the run was delayed by 30 minutes.

The weather that day was cold! It leaves me wondering whether we burn more calories during winter exercise than summer, given that the body needs to warm itself up from a lower temperature, hence more energy is required, right?

I digress, it was a good run, but it got really fun when I went back on Beirut St from the Fourth Ring Road, the intersection of Qotaiba St.  & Beirut to be exact is where I became famous.

Why you ask?

It turns out, I was running so fast at the time that the camera at that traffic light snapped a picture of me! (granted, there was a car running a red light behind me, but I was the main focus of that picture!)

My kisser was right smack in the middle of the shot, as the camera snapped to life with the running of the red light!

I can only imagine the surprise of the poor employee who prints that picture out at the traffic department when they see my grinning face obscuring the licence plate number of that car in question.

Run hard, Run Smart!

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