Tight Spot in Parking Lot

We have all been there.

You’re all dressed up fancy, heading to the mall to kick start your weekend.

You get to said mall only to find that all the parking spots are taken.

Driving around carefully, like a hunter on the prowl, finger on the trigger, eyes on the horizon, eagerly awaiting any sign of your prey.

When all of the sudden, you spot what at first glance appears to be the perfect spot.

However, you are quick to deduce that the unfortunate troll next to that spot made it almost impossible.

A defeatist would simply walk away.

I on the other hand thought:

Let the games begin!

Behold the result:


Too Close for Comfort

It took a few tries, a few exits, and lots of prayers, but it was finally done.


One slight move backward would have been catastrophic



That oughtta teach them to be considerate

What makes this story even more comical is, believe it or not, after running my errands at the mall, and whilst leaving, the car that signaled to me if I was leaving or not happened to be the exact same make as mine, except in black!

You know how it goes, you’re getting ready to leave and some person communicates with you in sign language whether you are leaving or not. So as I pulled out, I realized it was a lady driving (Happy Women’s Day Ladies!).

I caught sight of her in my rear view, she had gone in face first, or attempted to at least.

She couldn’t make it.

Despite our cars being exactly the same.

Yes Indeed

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