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Antisemitism: The intense dislike for and prejudice against Jewish people. Brought about around the time of the holocaust, and ever since used as a yard stick for any action that displeases Israel – Sweden recognizes Palestine, Antisemitic; Helen Thomas tells Israel to get out of Palestine – Antisemitic, anyone acknowledges the senseless murder en masse of the Palestinians, Antisemitic.


But what is it called to hate a Muslim? To have prejudice and negativity towards them for the actions of deranged individuals, that share no sentiments to the religion which they claim they represent?

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The backlash of American Sniper

Will anything be done against those that take to Twitter to post negativity on Muslims? Highly doubtful.

We are in the wake of the cold-blooded murder that took place in Chapel Hill. The media is calling it as it is; a “Man” who killed three Muslims.

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Firstly, I do not believe that there can be any comparison between what happened in France and what happened yesterday. The murderer did not commit the crime in the name of his “Anti-religion”, it will merely be labelled a hate-crime, whereas the terrorists in France were bragging almost as if they wish for it to be held against them, that this is for religion etc. etc.

Those in France had labeled themselves as terrorists by their own hand, not that of the media.

Make no mistake, the actions of this deranged individual are deplorable. The media should not attempt to insult our intelligence by insinuating this arose over a dispute regarding parking.

Hicks described himself as an atheist on Facebook and posted regular images and text condemning all religions. Police said he handed himself in last night.

In a statement released on Wednesday morning (local time), Chapel Hill Police said that a preliminary investigation suggested the crime was “motivated by an ongoing neighbour dispute over parking”. (link)

This is not the same as Charlie Hebdo. However, the reaction SHOULD be the same. This was a hate-crime. 3 individuals in the prime of their lives gunned down senselessly by a cowardly savage who will most likely claim temporary insanity and be released in a few years time.

He killed them with his own weapon, which he will defend under the Second Amendment.

The First Amendment defends their rights to publicly state outright that they hate Muslims and all religions.

It is funny how the First Amendment is thrown out of the window when the word “Antisemitic” is used.


The point here being when a Muslim is killed it is seen as normal; millions have died in Burma (link) and the media does not bat an eye towards that; no, they have ice bucket challenges and Nigerian girls being kidnapped to worry about, cartoons demeaning to Muslims and clever hashtags popping up to support them, and terrorists in Yemen, Somalia, Iraq, Syria etc. to report on, what is the death of a few million Muslims?


(I dare you to search for the images of the atrocities being committed in Burma – warning, they are not for the faint of heart, and they are ongoing).

If the Muslim world were unified in way as to direct the media’s attention on the atrocities being committed against Muslims, maybe then there would be a semblance of net neutrality.

If there were a word that can be touted to mean discrimination and murder of Muslims, that was thrown about on the internet, maybe then a there would be net neutrality.


For now, What is it called to hate a Muslim?

Sadly, the answer is – Normal.

Whatever that word may be, that should be what to call the tragic murder in Chapel Hills.

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