To the well trained mind…

Google is the answer.

Quite often we are faced with tedious conundrums at work, or in life in general, whether it is academic or professional, inquisitive or gastrointestinal, more often than not, Google is the answer.


I am quite shocked at people that still call to ask, “how do I do this”, or, “How do I do that”, when the answer can simply be found at the click of a button.

There is no question too stupid for Google to answer, nor is there a wrong question! For even if you mis-word the query, Google will correct it for you, did you mean ….. XYZ?

Google makes my life easier.

Thank you Google.

Inspiration behind this post:

Whilst doing tedious excel work, whereby I had to employ vlookup to get review 14,000+ lines of information, now the object in query is read differently on both sheets, an extra space is added when copying it which makes it unlocatable. I tried to remove all spaces but guess what? They didn’t show up. So I wondered, can vlookup find approximate values? and to my delight, Google said YES!

My workload has been reduced!

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