Traffic Fines on Speeding update in Kuwait

It has come to my attention in a previous post that traffic cameras around Kuwait are being “tampered with”, i.e. opened and examined frequently by authorized personnel from the MOI. It was happening too frequently to be malfunction repair. Just recently I came to the deduction of what was happening.

The threshold for speeding has been reduced and updated in all these cameras manually.


Traffic Fine

My latest transgression prior to renewing my car registration.

Location: 6th Ring Road

Speed: 136

Limit: 120

Fine: KD 20 for exceeding by no more than 20

Initially, I was under the impression that so long as you do not exceed 140, you are OK, and I have been doing this ages.

Now tho, it seems that the speed to not exceed is either 130 or 135.

You have been warned.

PS “اقوال المتهم” or “Statement of the felon” makes me feel like a murderer :S

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