Traffic Light At Kaifan is Malfunctioning – Do your civic duty in Kuwait

Banish the days in which people neglect to point out what is wrong for fear of any repercussions!

When you are faced with a strange sight that defies all previous experience and logic, the first step you should take is to inform the proper authorities and let them handle it, who knows, your action might in one way or another affect the lives of countless others who could have fallen victim to a tragedy.

As I was driving to work today, sun blazing, birds silent, blasting my favorite music through the speakers of my car, I came to the traffic light at the intersection of the airport road (route 55) and Jahra Road (route 80), usually the traffic light for those heading towards the port remains open the longest (2 minutes, I timed it), followed by my lane.

Much to my surprise, I saw a very strange pile up, as cars were moving from two different directions simultaneously! There was a lot of honking and breaking, surprisingly no one got smashed or crashed. When it came time for my road to move, which I had been taking for 3 years hence I know when it is time for my road to move, the signal remained red, and instead, another road was given access to pass, followed by the main road once more; effectively skipping our turn!

The traffic light turned green, but the other main road was still moving!

Here is a simple Paint depiction of the problem (forgive me for I am not a Photoshop wizard)…

My poor depiction of the problem

Wait. A dim bulb brightens. A Google Earth Bulb. Forgive me, it is early morning and I still have not had my coffee!

A more accurate depiction!!

So I called up the Emergency number to inform them of this anomaly, turns out they already knew about it!

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