Traffic Statistics in Kuwait – average 206 accidents per day

I had always wanted to find a reliable source for traffic statistics in Kuwait; mainly on the Gulf Road and the Airport Road. Kuwait has topped the list of highest traffic accidents/ violations in the Arab World.

The following are general statistics for 2011 as found here:

Traffic Accidents during 2011: 75,194 i.e. 206 accidents per day on average (or 8.5 per hour)

Traffic Accidents

Fatalities as a result of Traffic accidents: 493 deaths i.e 1.3 per day


Traffic citations issued: 3,531,791 various citations i.e. 9,600 per day, 403 per hour

Traffic Violations in Kuwait

Impounded vehicles: 27,709 

I'm willing to wager it looks something like this

Impounded motor cycles: 735

Most likely to be impounded soon

Total registered vehicles in Kuwait as of 2011: 1,554,737 vehicles

Brand New and Ready to Race

Total valid driver’s licenses issued: 1,259,351

You have to pass the test to get the licence - both written and practical


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