Travel Essentials – Toilet Trouble Abroad!

Tis the season to be traveling, fa la la la la, la la, la la…

However, a travel to your dream destination can quite quickly be turned into a nightmare if you find yourself on the short end of the stick and missing a very, very essential item.

More often than not, that item is electronic in nature, or linked to, such as a charger or adapter etc. Most of the time, a replacement can be found at your destination, and calamity avoided.

It is only when the item is not considered norm that you find yourself in a precarious position.

Now, people go to different countries all over the globe. Some travel for entertainment, others travel for adventure, some for relaxation and others for medication. In all forms of travel, there is one universal requirement common all around the globe, and that is:


The how to guide for this device is pretty much standard around the globe, it is what comes later that differs greatly across countries and continents, specifically, what to do at the end?

If not planned properly, a 2-week vacation can turn into disaster when you reach for the water hose and find, nothing.

Just you and a stack of toilet paper…

So hurry up and invest in the following for smooth sailing when it counts!

portable bidet

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