Travel Tips – Flying Cheaper from Kuwait

Business trips are amazing. You get the joy traveling to new destinations without having to worry about the cost to your personal savings. However, pay attention and you might learn a trick or two on how to avoid a hefty travel bill when flying.

The story begins in Kuwait and ends in Italy.

It’s Amore!

The deal was we had work over in the “Boot Country”, the birthplace of cobbled streets, and as always, our assignments are set to begin with the start of the week, Monday over there. Our last working day is Thursday. The company wanted to send me over on Saturday, but I figured, why not get an extra days vacation from this? And so I went about attempting to get it done.

At first it almost proved impossible. Here is why, the city we were destined (Genova) for doesn’t receive that much international visitors, and as such its airport is hard to reach, only a few airlines offer direct calls there.

My initial plan, albeit quite aloof, was to head over to Genova, leave my bags at the hotel our agent selected for us (paying for one additional night), get on a train to Milan, spend one night there and be back in Genova by the time our work was supposed to start (which was Sunday).

So, we needed to leave Kuwait on Thursday after work, arrive in Genova (hopefully early so as to be able to get a train to Milan and enjoy the day there).

Turkish airlines almost offered a respite, they flew to Genova directly, with little transit time. There was a catch however; their flight time was 7am, which would mean I would miss work on Thursday (no can do, plenty to do that day). And even more unfortunate, they did not travel on Friday.

Looking around the internet for a ticket that could get me to where I wanted to go, I was disheartened upon learning that the only way to get to Genova on Thursday night/ Friday morning was a ticket that with an itinerary as follows:

Kuwait – Lebanon – Paris – Amsterdam – Rome – Genova

The cost? A whopping 580KD, ONE WAY!

No way would the company shelf that much to get me to a place early (The round trip ticket on Turkish Airlines leaving Saturday cost half that). I had to think fast.

And then it came to me. And the tip is right here, try other airports, and rely on TRAINS!

My initial plan was to go to Milan right? Why not touch down in Milan FIRST, that way you save the cost of paying for the hotel night in Genova, plus the ticket from Genova to Milan.

Turning to Google, the train tickets prices and schedules were easily located (a mere 2hr train ride), and then it was just a matter of requesting to go to Milan first.

The end result? A saving on the initial cost of the ticket worth 80KD! (Roundtrip from Kuwait to Genova).

The cost of a one way ticket to Milan, was a surprising 160KD, and only one stop over! And even better, it left Kuwait at 2am, and ended up arriving in Milan at 11am, meaning you have a FULL DAY of sight seeing.

So in the end, everyone got what they wanted; I got my one day vacation in Milan, a respite before the start of work, the company got to save on the cost of my ticket.

You would be surprised, the norm is that a roundtrip ticket is cheaper than booking separate flights. However on this occasion, it was not.

Explore other options.

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