Trial of the Century: Egypt Sentences Mubarak to life in Prison

Oh how the mighty have fallen, Mubarak, former president of Egypt, 30 years in power, has been sentenced in an unprecedented move in the Arab world to life in prison, along with the Minister of Interior Habeeb Al Adli.

What should have been a monumental victory for the Arab World in general and the Egyptian people in particular, especially the families of the victims who fell as of the start of the popular uprising in Egypt on January 25, 2011, was marred by the innocent rulings to both Ala’a & Gamal Mubarak, who profiteered from their roles illegally.

The Minister of Interior’s underlings were given innocent rulings as well.

The courtroom was in a state of anarchy.

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The people wanted sentences to be passed upon Ala’a and Gamal, and wanted the death sentence for the Minister of Interior.

The judge claimed “statute of limitations” on all the assets that were gained illegally by the Mubarak family.

After the ruling, the people all proclaimed, “the people want purification of the court proceedings”.

A victory, a loss? You be the judge.

Bedlam in the court room

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