Unconscious Impressions – What we Leave Behind

What we leave behind

The past is a great frontier for self discovery, it serves as a guiding compass to your aspirations, by highlighting who you were and what you used to do. The past is a snapshot, and depending on the strength of your memory, it can be a very clear, or very vague picture.

I decided to visit my friends in the company I used to work for, and I ended up getting more than I bargained for in terms of nostalgia and memories. All of the sudden everything came rushing back, this was my desk where I worked diligently (or not), this was the fax machine I used to send out faxes, there is the coffee machine/ water cooler. The friends I still remembered made their way towards me to inquire as to how my life has been since leaving. It was a serene moment of meeting my former manager and the rest.

I met a person who I knew by name, despite never having had any interaction during my 2-years in the office. Short of her name and knowing her husband as a friend, her and I had little in common.

As one does, you develop a habit of speaking too much when in love and on the path of marriage, so I let slip the fact that I was looking forward to starting my life with the woman of my dreams. The reaction I received was shocking, to say the least. This married woman looked me up and down and said, “you are getting married? I never would have thought! You are 25? I thought you would not even consider it until 35! Say shes from where? I never guessed you would marry someone from there! What? She’s veiled too? Oh I never saw this coming!”

I was very much amused by this, and wondered what sort of impression we impart on those that share the same space as we for a period of time? True, her and I had not had any direct contact except the occasional polite hello, goodbye. Then it dawned on me, she sat in my immediate vicinity for almost 2 years. Every word I had said, every conversation I had with a friend, every joke I laughed at, she heard. And in her mind, she had developed a psych evaluation of me, and based on that she formed her thoughts.

And that is life, we do not merely affect our friends alone, but rather everyone we come in contact with.

I have a bad habit of judging strangers, either in the street or when we first meet, and there is no greater slap to the face than judging someone poorly only to have them treat you nicely, which has happened to me a dozen times. I digress.

Henceforth, this is a habit I will surely kick to the curb.

Always strive to be the you that makes you proud. I was amused by this incident, and learnt plenty from it. Hope you do to.

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