Understanding @DrBassemYoussef ‘s reference to Nazi’s

Egyptian heart surgeon turned popular TV satirist Dr. Bassem Youssef continues to push the envelope.

E5wan = Nazi

In preparation of advocates of the Muslim Brotherhood taking to the internet and any form of media stupid enough to grant them air time, an explanation of what exactly was referenced by the good Doctor is in order.

E5wan = Nazi II

Dr Bassem Youssef is nothing if not extremely gifted and intelligent. During his show which aired last Friday  April 12th 2013 (beginning of segment can be found here) which lasts for 22mins34secs, the real action started at 16:53:

He goes on to explain how the MB regard themselves as a superior race (ring any bells?) the golden words came when he referred to the video that seeks to maintain the “purity” of the MB lineage.

E5wan = Nazi III

At 17:05 a video of a white haired man telling a story pops up, in it he is speaking of how a woman of decency is seeking to get married, however she is not of the MB faction. He goes on to ask, “what of the one we “made”?” (at 17:16) referencing the women of the MB faction, the “brain washed ones”.

At 17:48 it gets very interesting, where the speaker goes, “if you marry a MB man to a MB woman they will procreate MB children by lineage, so when we start a group/social project with our families, we have created a MB society which exerts itself upon society”.

His exact words are:



The Minister of Information goes on live TV to say that he would like nothing better than to hire MB affiliated persons (19:57) and how he would give them preferential treatment in hiring.

At 20:46, a video airs where one of the MB goes on TV to tell a protester that he cannot talk back to the MB as they are his “Superiors” (link).

“Do not resist”

“Resistance is futile”

“Are you insane?”


“Watch what you say!”

“They are your superiors”

E5wan = Nazi IV

Hail Ekhwan (i.e. MB)




Without lifting a finger, by simply compiling the data and information floating on several other TV channels, the truth has been unearthed, as Egypt now finds itself dealing with the resurfacing of the Nazi Regime, cleverly disguised again as a call to religious piety.

Much like J.K Rowling symbolized Lord Voldemort as Hitler, in that he was not a “pure” wizard but a half-blood, in that he sought to purge the Mudbloods from Wizarding society, in that his close consortium of associates terrorized all those around them, that is what happens now.

In all sense of the words, Hitler stood for Christianity the same exact way that the MB stand for Islam.

E5wan = Nazi V

نراكم بعد الفاصل

So, before one of the bleating sheep take to the internet to call Dr. Bassem Youssef a Nazi supporter, there is your explanation for the presence of the Swastika on his show last Friday.

A warning.

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