Update on Driving Fines in Kuwait

According to Assistant Undersecretary for Traffic Affairs at Ministry of Interior Major General Abdullah Al-Muhanna, two things are going to happen:

  1. The seizure of vehicles will be stopped (temporarily mind you) due to the fact that there is no space to store seized vehicles. “confiscation of violating vehicles will be stopped temporarily because there are currently 38,528 vehicles in the seized-vehicle garages and they do not have space for any more impounded vehicles.”


  1. The hubub regarding the increase in fees for licences is not true. “Major General Al-Muhanna denied that the charges for traffic services provided to expatriates including renewal of driving licenses and vehicles registrations will be hiked to hundreds of dinars. He also denied any intention to prevent expatriates from possessing more than a vehicle.”


  1. If you are driving in the emergency lane above 45 KMH, you will get a fine, the camera WILL take a picture (don’t ask me how I know, just trust me).

Two proposals have been submitted to Ministry of Interior — one is to increase the fines of traffic violations by up to 50 percent and the other is to increase the fees by double for some traffic services. Which they are, is speculation. However so far it is only a proposal, so no need to reach for your passport and check expedia just yet.

Link to confirmation on the first two (here).

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