Update on Nicholas Warner – Destitute in Dubai released

on BBC:

As of August 16, there was a bright ray of sunshine in Nicholas Warner’s otherwise desolate life.

Living in a park and public places, dependent on the donations of others for 12 weeks, he was finally able to break free of the grips of his unfortunate situation and leave the Emirates, With help from locals and an expat sponsor, he obtained the release of his passport from the authorities.

Locals, as well as European and Indian expats offered him legal assistance, places to stay and money to help pay off his debt.

One group managed to find a way to get his passport released by the Dubai judicial system by paying about £8,000 directly to the courts, circumventing the bank.

After checking the passport was free of any travel bans, they bought him a flight back to England.

He says “I won’t be coming back to Dubai.”

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