UshopWEshop – Worst Customer Service EVER

Technically, a service company should provide a service, pleasantly, with a smile, listen to its customers and clients and strive to serve them in a better more efficient manner. Right?

If that is the case, then UshopWEship have the WORST customer service in the history of the service industry.

I previously voiced my complaints on their money-hungry antics, but this takes the cake.

I had made an order since December 20th, and it has yet to come to me. Why you ask? Because UshopWEship are nothing more than a criminal front.

The way UshopWEship work is that you order an item from the USA, it is shipped to a box in the USA and once a week the contents of that box will be delivered to you in Kuwait, giving one week for clearance etc. You should receive your items in 2 weeks time.

That has never happened in all the years I have used UshopWEship, items take almost a month or more to arrive, leading me to believe that it would be better to rely on the public postal service as opposed to them.

Never mind that, now the matter at hand. They charge you an amount to have the package delivered to you, fine. But when I call and ask them how much I have to pay, to be told that Kuwait Customs have levied some charges on me, I expect to understand what these charges are.

Nope. They do not know why. Kuwait Customs just charges what they want.

The last time this happened I had ordered supplements online, so understandably, Kuwait Customs wanted to ensure that the supplements were, authentic?

But that is not the worst of it. For an entire day I have been trying to reach their “so-called” manager by the name of Mr. Ivan, only to be told, numerous times, that Mr. Ivan is “busy”, “in a meeting”, “not available”.

What gives them the right to pay an amount on my behalf and charge me for it without knowing the nature of the charge?

I have had enough of UshopWEship. They are unprofessional, unethical and highly Impolite.

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