@VIVAtelecom still Living in the Past

Much of what we grew up with is now an ancient relic, recorded in the annals of history as the stepping stone of technology, from Walkman’s and Discman’s, to Floppy Disks and even CD drives.

Everything we once knew is dwindling into non-existence.

Not according to Viva Kuwait tho!

Check out this link (here)



Do you see what we are talking about?

Especially when you compare it to this link (here)


RIP old friend


Dear Viva, in case you have fallen behind the times, please kindly note that MSN messenger is no more.

We, the internet population of Kuwait, suggest you rather replace it with something more current, and hip.

I heard there is something called Whatsapp, that the kids are talking about these days, are you familiar with it?


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