Wake up and Smell the FATS

Eighty Percent of Kuwaiti Children OBESE (link)

Kuwait 5th MOST OBESE Country in the World (link)

It truly sad when one reads such headlines in the newspapers.

Obesity has become a major epidemic. It is unfortunately the hidden cost of progress. Given the fast pace, on-the-go lifestyle adopted by all members of the family; working parents, children (ECA’s, tuitions) etc. all are forced to turn to unhealthy, artery choking “quick-fixes” for hunger… Junk Food.

Coupled with that disturbing phenomenon of poor nutrition is the other major contributing factor to obesity: lack of exercise. It is not that people today are against exercising, they no longer see it as a way of keeping healthy. Instead, it is viewed as a tedious, strenuous exercise meant to sap your energy and leave you weak. Welcome to Generation LAZY. Any sport/ exercise that does not include fast paced fingers on keys or game pads is quickly discarded as a thing of the past, an archaic ritual done by primitive man to occupy his time. With Facebook, Twitter and a cornucopia of other online tasks and exercises (I use the term loosely) that require their complete and utmost attention, who has the time to actually move?

It is no longer an uncommon sight at many malls to find children out with their maids scoring a fast meal, as the parents are preoccupied with other issues more important than their child’s health. It is also not uncommon, as a young adult, to find middle schoolers and secondary schoolers that outweigh you 2-to-1.

Gone are the days of the Middle Ages where a man’s wealth could be measured by his girth. Today, science has proved the vast downsides of being overweight, from increased strain on the heart that could lead to cardiac arrest, to knee problems, diabetes etc. to name but a few.

There are those out there who have had enough and are actively attempting to change the world, such as Yousef Al Qanai, Kuwait’s running warrior (@YousefAlQanai on Twitter) who’s initiative/company Aymstrong seeks to battle the bulge and eradicate the fat from society by running such activities as a Weight Loss Camp (link) and a Bi-weekly running session.

One man’s ambition and dream is unfortunately not enough. People need to realize the hazards of Living La Vida Lazy, and unless they are convinced of this, and actively, ACTIVELY set out to remedy the situation, there can be no lasting change.

Take initiative, eat healthy, live healthy, for it is the best way to live. It is not merely a regiment you follow for a few months to lose the excess fat from your body then revert to your old ways and repack the poundage, it must be a lifestyle change.

So, unless you wish to continue reading such headlines as 5th Most Obese country in the world or 80% of Kuwaiti Children are obese, then do something about it.

Only you can change yourself.

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