Walk/ Run with the Q8FootSoldiers Every Friday Morning

Friday, the first day of the weekend. A time for most to sleep in, wake up late without a care in the world.

Not in our case!

The best way to enjoy the weekend is to get ACTIVE during the weekend; and what better way to do that than in the company of good friends running from one area of Kuwait to another and back again – and not spoiling the effort with a gargantuan breakfast afterward!

The group is broken down into two:

a) The serious runners – those start off from Bahar Center in Hawally, Tunis St. (opposite side from the Blood Bank in Jabriya) for an 8am sharp start. They run off at a brisk pace towards Salmiya, Marina Mall, where at 8:30am they meet up with …

b) the Runners/Walkers. The group unites and heads from the fountain near Marina Mall towards Ras Salmiya (end of Scientific Center), with the runners taking turns to run back and enervate/encourage the walkers to keep moving, then switching with another runner when they return.

The second group goes home after doubling back towards the starting point, and the first group runs back towards Bahar Center. All in all, it takes 2 hours for the first group. We aim to always try different routes to get to Marina Mall from Bahar Center (a distance of 5K).

Our last run had us joined by our first walker who decided to give up smoking and partake in our soon-to-be regular gathering! Also, a member of the group managed to motivate a fellow pedestrian into speeding up her pace to run to the finish line! So yes, the effort is most rewarding.

Fancy a change to your usual routine? Join us (here) and take the first steps towards a more sporty you today!


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