Watch out for Runners & Cyclists!

In the rush that is the 21st Century, it is not an uncommon sight to witness people literally running into each other and remain completely unapologetic during the whole process.

However, when it comes to almost running over a runner when a person is within the comfort of their own vehicle, that is where society needs to draw the line!

A quick trip to the Gulf road on a Friday/Saturday morning, and during the week for the more adventurous thrill-seekers will greet you with sights of packs of cyclists and runners honing their skills on the oh-so-dangerous stretch of road.

So far I have been the victim of two, rather three, mishaps. 2 occurred to me as a runner, and one most unfortunately occurred during my early cycling days.

1) Whilst running down a main road, I saw a car sneaking in from a side road. I kept steady to my path, falsely presuming that the driver would look both ways before entering the main road. No such luck, I felt the side of his front bumper brush up against the heel of my foot.

2) More recently, as I was running along the side of a main road, heading with the direction of traffic mind you, a lazy driver parked on the side (illegally on yellow-black pavement) decided to disembark from their vehicle. Unfortunately for me, the minute they decided to open their door was the precise minute I was running by it.

3) My infamous cycling incident highlighted here

Dear Drivers, I am well aware of your presence, you would have to be blind not to see a car on the road, however, I do not appreciate your infernal horns, so kindly cease and desist! If you see a runner/cyclist on the road, steer clear of them!

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