We are all Unconscious Racists

Racism is a Disease of a Weak Mind

Unfortunately it is the sad truth, in one way or another, we are all unconscious racists, we just do not know it/ or choose to accept it.

We joke about certain race issues when amongst a gathering of close friends; it is not very uncommon to hear racial slurs, albeit half hearted, against people for being of a different nationality, sect, color, group or religion, for having an odor, for being arrogant, for being lazy, for being flimsy, for being stubborn, for being crooks; the list is endless, and each attribute is sterotyped to a certain nationality, their burden to bear, the cross upon their back in their dealings with anyone who chooses to look down their nose upon them.

We do it every time we refer to a person by their nationality, instead of by their name.

Unite Against Racism

If you run into trouble with someone, or just have an argument with them, you automatically assume the same argument will be had with all of their people.

It is the human condition for a good deed to be attributed to a single person, whereas a bad deed is generalised to the population as a whole.

There exists a mentality of displacing burdens on others, whereas if you have suffered racism from someone, you inflict it upon another person. Most of the times a racist is just acting out to make up for their own feelings of inadequacy, an inbuilt inferiority complex brought about as a result of subjection to various circumstances, that in actual fact have nothing to do with the object of this persons racism and negativity.

We do not choose to be racists, it is an unconscious effort. However, we have to make a concious effort to not succumb to this.


Until we can learn to live comfortably in our skin, we will never be in complete acceptance of others.

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