We do not need an Apocalypse – The World Ends every Day

The tragedy of senseless loss is an all too frequent specter in this world, regardless of geographic location.

What does when say when words fail?

Linguistics are a beautiful thing. For those well versed in the use of languages, they can find numerous ways to convey the same meaning, depending upon the situation they are using it in. However, what do you say when words fail, when there are no words that can be used to convey what you feel?

December 21st, 2012 did represent the end of the world for some. For the neighbor in our building, just one door over.

What words can you use to comfort a grieving mother that lost her child at 7 years old?

What strength can you give in the form of words to a broken father who watched his 7 year old son get hit by a car as he was crossing the street to hand him something?

How can you take the pain away from that poor child’s brother, at 10 years of age?

What admonishment can you pass upon the reckless motorist speeding in a residential area?

Life is so precious; it takes 9 months to deliver and a lifetime to nurture and yet in the blink of an eye that light can be extinguished.

What can you say to the mother of the 26 year old dentist, brutally and savagely stabbed in The Avenues at the hands of a man 4 years his junior? What spat could have possibly occurred between them so as to give cause to such a heinous act?

Kuwait fails to realize that the security offered in its malls is severely ill-equipped.

Roads are not safe. Malls are not safe.

We do not need an apocalypse to signal the end of the world, for the world ends every day, to someone, as a result of our inability to co-exist and protect that which is most precious to all – life.

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