We, Q8 Foot Soldiers got Mentioned in the Friday Times!

Thank You Lisa Conrad!

What started off as a mere idea, an activity, now has the potential to grow into something inspiring.

Q8 Foot Soldiers, a brain child of mine that I started 2 months ago (link) with a then purpose of being a “Satellite Linked” group i.e. each person runs in their area, then uploads their progress to the page dedicated to that on MyBloogle (here).

The idea of Q8 Foot Soldiers came to the machinations of The Grapevine Kuwait (link) and also on fellow bloggers page, Blogyac (link).

Up to that point, I was impressed, a relatively new initiative getting mentioned so quickly across the blogosphere. One thing lead to another, and a Facebook page was created (link).

I was, surprised to say the least, when Kuwait Times (link) Journalist Lisa Conrad contacted me for an interview.

Surprised would be putting it lightly.

I was doing cartwheels inside.

Little do people know, being mentioned in the newspaper is actually one of my bucket list items. At first I thought I had it cinched when you could see a glimpse of me on the papers in the articles about Kuwait’s First Half Marathon.

So yesterday I ventured out to look for the Friday Times, to no avail.

I then went out again today at 12pm, but no places were open.

A friend informed me that she had read the article and liked it, so my desire was refueled, and again I went downstairs to look for the paper.

First bookshop – nothing.

Second – nothing.


What was that? Two papers, lying on the side, removed from the other newspapers.


Without further ado, I give to you, the article, Running out of Exercise Excuses,  Q8 Foot Soldiers:

The Article in the Friday Times endorsing Q8 Foot Soldiers


Big thank you to our dedicated reader for grabbing a copy off the internet! Clearer Read

The key words are: Free & Dedication.

Tomorrow, Saturday the 24th of September, 8am, outside NES’s pedestrian path in Jabriya.

I’ll be there.

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