We Were Fearless, We Were Young

“Man is most nearly himself when he achieves the seriousness of a child at play.”


Mischievous Kids

Remember the days of playful innocence, when exploration and adventure were the key elements to any child’s entertainment? When we could get away with anything for the simple fact that we were mischievous?

As we get older, we find more reasons to be afraid, and limit ourselves and our enjoyment as a result.

As children, there were no such things as consequences. In itself, that is both a good and bad thing, however it mostly led to enjoyable times, the memories of which we cherish forever.

It is truly as children that we get to enjoy life’s many bountiful moments with reckless abandon, for the more aware we become of the true nature of the world around us, the less likely we are to take risks and be ourselves.

We scraped our elbows and scabbed our knees,

without worry of illness or disease.

We went out and played in the sun,

Sunblock ignored, it was all for fun.

We yelled and screamed at the top of our lungs,

In youthful innocence, our minds did belong.

One fine morning I happened to hear exuberant cries coming from KIES’s newly founded football pitch (link). From the vantage point of my balcony, I discerned the source of the racket. They were kids, playing football. A quick glance around the pitch showed no points of entry to my skilled eyes, until I focused on the gate, which, if pulled a tiny bit out, will offer a sliver of an entrance to those that are nimble and agile.

I had thought to run around the pitch in the morning on a weekend, but my broad shoulders would nay fit through that gap anymore, even though, once upon a time, I would have been the first to break into pitch…

And so I was reminded of my youthful indiscretions:


Once the school near my house (where the Orange ex-campus for GUST now stands) had a swimming pool installed for the Summer. My friends and I decided to jump the fence and use that pool to cool off during the hot Summer nights, even though we did not go to that school!

Of course, the school was not without  grounds keeper, who chased us, all half-naked and dripping, back to the fence from which we jumped.

Still laughing though.


Another time, we were collecting a type of seed/ fruit from trees known colloquially as “Kanar“, I never fancied its taste myself, found it bland and disgusting, but the adventure of picking it was too enticing to pass up. Once we were picking it off a tree in a nearby building (where we did not live), and some resident took offence and chased us, again, we ran away as fast as our legs could carry us, however leaving my brother behind, who elicited sympathy from the angry neighbor allowing him to leave unscathed.


Our building had 3 attachments to it. They were rented out to a bachelor, an AC shop, and the last was to a married man who built an extension to his house. This extension prevented us from being able to circle around the building, and more importantly, it prevented us from reaching our clubhouse, built atop the AC shop (both were adjacent). We would carefully tiptoe on the edge of his tin roof so as not to make any noise. We rarely didn’t, and many a time he would chase us away.

Those of us that were taller were able to jump over the building fence, as we would always be near the back of his house, so he would need to circle around the apartment to get to us, offering us a few precious minutes to run and hide. One time we were unable to escape on foot due to uncontrolled fits of laughter, so we lied to him that it wasn’t us, and he fell for it.

The most memorable prank we pulled on him was during Eid, when they sold those little explosives that would give off sparks. My friend had a slingshot, and we had an idea. I lit the fuse, he aimed the sparking explosive, my brother watched on as our 3rd friend banged on the man’s door, no sooner did he open the door did we let the explosive fly, sending him running back into his house.

And us running away.



We would play football on a daily basis during the Summer, only going upstairs to change or sleep, nothing else. TV was a waste of time.

Football, our best friend growing up

Those were the times the locusts came to Kuwait, and we would catch them for fun.

We scaled fences that were twice our height, jumped off cars and rode bicycles in the middle of the street.

We were fearless. We were young.

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