What do Women Want? Kuwait Exposed

Kuwait Exposed

I have to admit; I had this site figured out wrong to begin with. And for that, I apologise.

If you take the time to read what the site is about; and not just judge it as being “Kuwait Exposed”, its a venue for all forms of thought; be they humorous, general, conundrums, or otherwise.

It is not, as the first glance suggests, an airing of Kuwait’s dirty laundry. It is a method for the people of Kuwait to communicate annonymously.

And believe me, I am a believer now!

I recently made a post, titled exactly as the title to this log; the responses were astounding.

Here I thought chivalry was a dying creed, but it turns out, it is stronger than ever before! There are many like-minded individuals as myself, who believe in the core values of love. And it is warming to discover such.

Especially on my birthday! What a gift!

True, there will be some rather, peculiar postings, some are morbid, some are horrid, and some, like mine, are just an insight into the psyche of someone who merely wants to find love. It is not a crime, it is not me being needy, it is a simple fact. Life in Kuwait is tough, as an expat, and its tougher on the singles as well.

Love is a complex, intricately designed enigma. It is a force that can elate, and deflate, the strongest of us all.

To re-quote what I wrote on the website: isn’t it human nature, to have that desire, to love and be loved? Why do I constantly have to consider what to do, what not to do, what she thinks I should do, what she really wants me to do.

We all want love. Love is made up of two things; the desire to love, and to be loved.

Well, we shall see where this leads, it seems as though like in Ghostbusters, there is an ancient river flowing beneath Kuwait, of love, understanding, and kinship.


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