What has Kuwait Given You?

The blogging community of Kuwait is a very close knit bunch. I still carry a fond memory of a chance meeting from the blogosphere in a bookshop in Kuwait where two bloggers recognized each other.

That being said there is an amazing endeavor being undertaken by a new addition to the Kuwaiti Blogosphere, ImeKuwait (link)!

It is entitled, What Kuwait Gave You, her message is very simple:

Im doing a post on my blog titled ” What Kuwait gave you”. Why am I doing it ? well i just need a little positive streak, a reminder on the good things of life here and a reminder on counting my blessings. It seems a like a good month to do it.

I wanna run a series of posts based on your feedback.

If you could list just 5 things that you have achieved/ got from / as a result of being in Kuwait, I could feature it on my blog.

Also, If you think you might want to share it within your circle of family PLEASE DO! My aim is to get atleast 15- 20 people to do it..but if i can get 30 that’l be just perfect..since that should cover 30 days of Ramadan 🙂

All i need is

– Just 5 straight points / words / lines 🙂

– your occupation

– your age

– your name / alias – I wont disclose this on my blog 😉

So, feel free to send your details her way!

Come on, help a fellow blogger-ette out!

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