Understanding Islam: What does Jihad really mean?

Ever since September 11, 2001, the world has changed its view on Islam. The truth of the matter is a minority of the followers of Islam decided to send messages to the world via terror and violence. Xenophobia became Islamophobia was born, and a hatred of Arabs in general and Muslims in particular swept through a world already wrought with trepidation for all things foreign.

If you ask any foreigner or non-Arab speaker what does Jihad mean, the first thing they will reply to you is, “holy war”, killing of innocents, Islamic ideology.

However, none of these descriptions hold any accuracy to the word Jihad.


 Jihad, or جهاد in Arabic, is a word meaning to strive, to struggle. It is also a name used for both males and females.

Jihad is NOT a terrorist term.

Education is the first step toward eradication of prejudice, stereotype and hatred.

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