What Kuwait Can Learn from Turkey – Dogs & Trash

Last week over the long weekend, my wife and I decided to visit Turkey (actually the decision was made in September 2014, I digress).

Whereas most people that visit Turkey are enthralled and amazed by the Islamic architecture and deep-seeded history nestled in every nook and cranny of Istanbul, I saw a different kind of beauty.

The first, although seemingly highly unlikely, lay in the trash.

What visitors to Istanbul will notice immediately is that there are no giant trash receptacles above ground. Ergo the question, where does all the trash go?

The answer was made clear on a late evening walk from the Grand Bazaar:


What you will see on certain streets in Turkey is two Trash bins, the size of your average trash bin, with a metallic tip above them. If you pause for a moment when throwing your trash into this bin, you will notice a delayed thump indicating your trash taking quite some time to reach the bottom of this seemingly waist level trash bin.

The fact of the matter is, the trash bin is merely the head of a much larger receptacle that is pictured above.

This is ingenious, not only can Kuwait benefit from this idea, but any country where the streets are littered with brightly colored trash bins, even Italy!

The second thing I noticed was the stray dogs. There were plenty of stray dogs. Some even decided to chase after me whilst I was doing my morning run one fine day. What struck me as odd was that all the stray dogs had ear tags on them; a little digging revealed that the stray population of Turkey undergoes capture, neutering/spaying and release, to live their lives on the streets and not breed, therefore controlling the population.

This is a welcome change from the murder that occurs on the streets of other countries, including Kuwait.

Any country in the world can stand to be better; it is always a good learning experience to travel the world and see what can be exported where and used.

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