What the Blackout in Kuwait taught us

We are unprepared.

The power outage in Kuwait took many people off the grid for prolonged periods of time; in excess of two hours. Traffic was disastrous, houses were in disarray.

what people were searching online

what people were searching online

Our first realization should be that we are the pampered generation. Everyone took to their iPhones, Sonys, Samsungs, HTCs etc. to serve as flashlights, those of us with a little foresight (and a bad case of hoarders syndrome) still maintained a few “Old School” telephones, the ones that are turned on by holding the “cancel call” button and locked by holding the Star button.

Everyone, including a friend of mine, insisted to use smartphones as flashlights, when I posted to Facebook stressing that I could not remember how to turn on this ancient piece of equipment, I was ridiculed. After a while, I figured out how to turn on the LED flashlight, and kept it on for the duration of the outage.

Secondly, my wife is a huge fan of candles, and we had many, many, MANY at home, in all shapes and sizes, smells etc. we set a great ambiance at home by using the flashlight to find the candles.

Most people had no flashlights, or those that did had no batteries for them.

If the blackout has taught is anything, its that the age of smartphones is not forever; come a catastrophe, or a small annoyance (let’s face it, on a global scale, what happened yesterday was no more than a mere blip on the radar) smartphones will drain themselves dry. Once that happens, we are left with no contact with the outside world.

Rules for the next blackout:
1) Invest a meager amount in a phone that is not smart; no internet, just calls and a flashlight.
2) Stock candles in the house, along with matches.
3) Flashlights – JiC the phone whose charge lasts a week decides to die on you.
4) Pack of cards – you have to keep yourself entertained somehow. Do people still play “Deal”?

Smart up! Ditch the smart phone in emergencies.

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