What we Take for Granted

(another old post from the Spider-Web infested archives, with meaning none-the-less in these times especially)
Freedom. The concept is well-known, but the reality is far from the norm.
Freedom is a weapon best served in moderation. Give people too much freedom, catastrophe ensues. Too little, revolts ensue (as is evident with the current atmosphere).

This article caught my attention a long time ago, and I archived it, now I hope to share it as it spurred my freedom speech, New photocopy rules introduced in Tibet.


People in the Tibetan capital of Lhasa will have to register their names if they want to make photocopies.

This appears to be an attempt to prevent ordinary people from printing political pamphlets and other documents.

The authorities say the change is aimed at stopping criminals carrying out illegal activities.

But the suspicion is that it is directed at those who might want to print political pamphlets critical of the Chinese government.

This makes one wonder and appreciate what we take for granted in whichever country we reside. Albeit being opressed in certain aspects, there are always others in which we excel. Who could have thought, that a simple matter of making a photocopy (or xerox) would require registration? What next, printers, ink cartridges, would require registration information as well?

Appreciate what you have, for you do not know others live. There is no global standard for Freedom, it is to every rulers whim, but what is happening in Tibet is CRIMINAL.

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