When Angry, Do not Burn yourself, BURN yourself

At the close of last month, the worlds population will officially have hit 7 Billion people.

That is 7 billion other mouths, differing opinions, other ideas, other ideals, we are bound not to agree on every issue with every person we meet.

What happens when you disagree with someone? At best, you will agree to disagree and move on, at worst, you will get frustrated, angry, infuriated, incensed, full of rage, spiteful. The list can go on and on.

What we do not consider is that these reactions literally KILL US from the inside. I am not a biologist, ask one of them as to the goings on within what with the synapses and the nervous system.

At times when you are angry, you fill a rising black energy from within, that starts at the tip of you toes, rises up slowly through your legs making you weak at the knees, empties your stomach and fills it with bile, contracts your chest so you feel a difficulty breathing, and finally, blurs your vision to make you see everything in opposite.

Black energyThis Black Energy consumes us from within, breaking us down, causing us to lose control.

However, there is a way to channel this energy, harness it, and benefit from its destructive powers.

Yes ladies and gentlemen, it is as simple as putting one foot in front of the other.


Anger, anxiety, depression, fear. These are all major contributors to the Fight or Flight syndrome, the effect of adrenaline.

Like most people out there, I have many things to be angry about. Whenever I feel a surge of black energy come upon me, I don my jogging outfit and pound the pavement.

Every time the soles of my shoes slap the pavement, I feel a release of the black energy into the ground, cleansing me. Most of those times I go for long distance runs, decompressing the pent up rage within, it is only on the road as a jogger that my mind is most clear. I analyse and rationalise, and upon my return home after 12~16KM, I am in a much more calmer state than I was before.

And in the end, you end up looking great.

Believe me, jogging is the ultimate release of pent up frustration.

Listening to music along the way, literally, adding fuel to the fire, helps focus that black energy at certain times during your run, helping you reach your peak.

So join me, every Saturday morning, as the Q8 Foot Soldiers congregate to put one foot before the other, and take lifes problems one step at a time.

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