When Destiny comes Knocking, Shake Hands with Fate

It is said that in every person there exists the potential and ability to write a book. This is my attempt at that endeavor, on a small scale, as I have this opinion that the trials I have gone through so far are “bookworthy”, to say the least without sounding  arrogant.
This will be but a brief chapter, or three, depending, based on the experiences I have had in the Kuwait Job Market. From interviews to actual jobs, all will be laid bare.
I will not start as they say, from the beginning, rather, I will pick up the story from the day of my first employment, highlighting along the way some tidbits from my earlier life. Given response, we may go back and relive the days of high school, university etc.
This seems like the appropriate vessel through which to channel this impeccable memory I have, being able to remember vivid details from the past.
What makes me compelled to share this is that there is a learning experience in it, as the title goes, when destiny comes knocking, shake hands with Fate. This is my way of saying that everything in life happens for a reason, and everything happens in exactly the right time, you just have to seize the opportunity when it presents itself.
This is not a work of fiction. This will be my story, as told by me, the person living it, in the first person.  I will simply abbreviate the names of all the characters I have come across, instead of giving them made-up names, although that would serve to protect their identity better should I feel the need to rant on them, however I would need to draw up a list of who-is-who so as to avoid confusion. However, anyone who knows me personally would be able to tell who is who.
It would be truly delightful to get feedback, be it in terms of comments, emails, messages, criticisms, threats (?).  I’m open to everything (except the latter, unless it involves drowning me in a vat of tiramisu). Of course, I am not a gay, Syrian blogger so I do not expect thousands of responses, but at the same time I am not some 40-year old quack pretending to be a gay, Syrian blogger.
I started working in 2006, December 2006 to be exact; therefore so far, I have about 5 years of work experience. I have worked for 3 different companies in 3 different industries (currently still with the third). Thankfully, each change came as a higher rung on the career ladder. And with each corporate change, there was a perfect definition of seizing the opportunity.
I will work on these chapters during the weekends, and hopefully, post them soon, under the same title as this post.
Onward and upward.

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