When Police become Vindictive in Kuwait

Was I at fault here?

Hypocrisy and duality are a terrifying combination; when the very persons charged with keeping the peace and order are the ones responsible for the chaos. One can say that to err is human, and they are human, however they should be the ones exercising more caution and leading by example – it is not permissible for a tool of the law to be breaking it in any way, shape or form.

Who is watching the Watchers?

Yesterday whilst driving down the 4th Ring Road to meet a friend, upon nearing the exit from Jabriya, I spotted a white car to my right, indistinct and unmarked, attempting to force its way into my lane.

Most people would say, let them. However, the law clearly states “Right of way to cars approaching from the left” and at the very least, that car should have had its left turn indicator on, which it didn’t. So, I didn’t allow them to cut in front of me.

They became vindictive and again attempted to force the tip of their vehicle in front of mine to gain access to my lane. Again, I stopped them.

Believing the worst was behind me, as most drivers exiting Jabriya from that exit are heading towards Salmiya or the Fahaheel Express, I continued straight towards the signal to head on down Tunis St.

Again, I saw the car approaching from my right, and again I sped up so as not to let them cut in front of me. This time however, they came up to my left, and rolled their window down. And that is when I saw the blue light on his dashboard, some form of undercover cop.

His first question was “are you an idiot?” to which I responded no, he said why are you cornering me, I said why are you trying to cut in from the right? Then he goes, I’ll show you, pull over.

Fortunately for me, he still could not come in front of me, and instead moved two cars down and interjected his car in between theirs. After a moment of panic, a light shown through the gloom. As the signal turned green and I saw him flashing his indicators and heading down Tunis St. I merely took the U-Turn beneath the bridge and bid him farewell.

Whether or not he took my license plate number is unknown.

However the question remains; Quis custodiet ipsos custodes? Who is watching the watchers? Had this matter gone down differently, would I be faulted for not allowing someone to cut in from the right, an act that is technically illegal by road standards here? There was no emergency, he had no lights/ sirens on. Also, I never make it a habit to look into the cars of people attempting to cut me off, lest they think it an act of defiance.

I guess we wait and see.

Just another day of driving in Kuwait ladies and gentlemen.

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