When virtuosity meets reality: Driving games come to life

Here I am, feeling alien and missing my exit as I had not driven in 12 days!

I’m driving down the 30, headings towards Ahmadi to watch the Scorpions take on the Bahrain contingency (Scorpions won! I’m unofficially the team lucky charm, they won their first game, I was there, the lost their second game, I was not there, and now they won their third, when I came back)

But that is neither here, nor there, merely a filling for the true story.

Everyone had a gaming console – now everybody has this efficient super monitor (for instance, check the reviews and ratings on the Asus VG248QE 14HHz gaming monitor – one of the most popular). I personally loved driving games, the likes of Driver 3, Burnout, NFS, Midnight Express etc. I especially remember car games where an enemy car would be driving infront of you and dropping obstacles on the road, and u had to duck “n” cover.

So, I’m driving down the 30, and I see alot of “green” in the middle of the road. Weird, I thought. So I kept goin straight, cruising at a speed of 120~140km/h, when what to my wondering eyes should appear, but a pick-up truck, with plants in the back. Unproperly fastened plants. I watched as one by one they would fly off (the driver was probably matching my speed), and cars behind him would swerve to avoid the falling debris.

I took it upon myself to warn this hapless fool of his dangerous antics, I kicked down the accelerator (he was ahead of me) ran up to him, and kept honking and waving my right arm, much like a lunatic.

The car was FULL of kids, like, 6 or 7 of them! One rogue monkey thought I was insulting them, and I could see he looked angry. I kept honking, whilst maintaining the straightness of the car (@ great difficulty), till I got the drivers attention, I rolled down my window, he rolled his, and I told him, hey, your plants are falling out!

He pulled over.

Yay me 😉

I like to think I helped avoided a 30 car pile-up today, on the 30 (aka Maghreb Expressway) 😀

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