When you’re too Stupid to Cover your Tracks

It is amazing the levels to which some people rise in some organisational hierarchies, when the very basics of covering your own tracks. Do people not have any shame any more? Or do we live in a culture that breeds indifference so long as you are of high “noble” position?

In my first work experience, the manager, a then 43-year old man, requested my help in “cleaning” his recent history, which was overflowing with pornography. It was so bad whenever he clicked “print” and was asked to select which picture to print, the majority of the pictures appearing were pornographic.

Recently, a friend of mine’s work issued laptop needed repair. His IT dept provided him with a hard disk to back up his data, and when his laptop was returned, it came with the hard disk so that he may restore his data. Or so he thought it was the hard disk with his data.

First thing he found was PORN. Lots of PORN. Pictures, videos, you name it, it was there. Then came the shocker: photographs of a manager in his organisation, photographs of the manager’s children, photographs of strange women captured by a camera, of women, and the manager with different women. Worst of all probably were the transcripts of conversations found.

If you are too stupid to cover your own tracks, maybe you shouldn’t be acting stupid in the first place. Not only that, but the person had the audacity to give those backups to IT of all people!

In an era where one can be fired for the content of the emails they check and receive, a stricter enforcement of those policies needs to be put in place.

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