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Those that took part in last Saturday’s last official run in Kuwait, RunQ8, were given a rare surprise – the presence of a world renowned, IAAF listed Kenyan with a PB of over 28 minutes for the 10KM.

The champ…






He finished in 31 minutes 25 seconds…

That is an average pace of 3 minutes 3 seconds per kilometer…

That is lightning fast… Expect even greater things from this athlete.

The last time I saw Kenyan professional athletes was at the Ras Al Khaimah (RAK) Half Marathon. The running landscape is changing in Kuwait, who knows which runner will make it to our little Desert Oasis in the coming races? Although I do favor local talent (such as the one below) it is interesting to see how the pro’s do it.

Speaking of athletes, and according to our resident speedster, Grzegorz Ziembinski:



“This is exciting as this is the closest to the world elite we have come here in Kuwait. Sure we have had amazing professional runners (for example Salameh Al Aqra), but to be able to lose to an IAAF listed Kenyan with a PB of over 28 minutes in Kuwait is really something…:)

The interesting thing, however is that for the first time (as far as I know) prize money was awarded for the winners of a run in Kuwait (642 Marathon) and next thing you know is we have a Pro show up in a race…:) Market laws…. :)

Well done to everyone!

(would have been 4th if it wasn’t for that lightening fast Pro)
(would have been 3rd if it wasn’t for that Spanish guy – Pablo Gonzales, who runs like a wind)
(would have been 2nd if it wasn’t for some new guy in town – Knud! Well done to him!)
(would have been 1st! (MAbrook!!!) if it wasn’t for that fast Kuwaiti guy – Mr Al Matar!!)

Not too shabby Greg! Looking good out there!

And there you have it folks, a word from the speed side of things.

Keep on running!

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