Who still watches Music Videos?

Let’s face it, the house that MTV built was only good up to the 90’s.

We were all there (hopefully), we saw the height of video clips, with shows such as “the making of…” that always ended with “the world premier of …”, it was dramatic, it was art, it was brought to the limelight with performers like Michael Jackson (Thriller, need I say more?):

This was a movie in itself! Not a music video!

And who can forget “Remember the time” starring the Eddie Murphy as the Pharoah?

Nowadays however, most people mostly search for music on Youtube with the “lyrics” string in order to minimize its bandwidth usage, plus who has the time to watch video clips nowadays anyways?

Well, during a usual morning of streaming music with the “up next” feature switched on, and as I was flipping through my many open tabs I accidentally came upon the video of the song that was playing, now I’d definitely heard it before on the radio, but seeing it, my mind was like… wtf am I watching?

Seriously, WTAF is going on here?!

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