Who to call if your windshield cracks in Kuwait

Lets face it; one of the worst things on the road are flying pebbles (and speeding morons but that is a tale for another time).

Yesterday as the wife came over with the car (joint custody) I noticed this rather elongated crack in the windshield.


Of course I do not blame her, if it were me though I would have attempted to dodge that oncoming pebble like the matrix. Joking, one of the worst feelings is being in the driver seat as a pebble makes its way towards you, there really is nothing to be done, and the audible “CRACK” as it connects with the windshield might as well be slamming into your very soul.

I digress. I immediately took to Google to search for “Windshield repair in Kuwait” and to my amazement, there was a solution! Initially I was aware that it was possible to fix spiderweb cracks in the windshield, however when the crack resembles a line, I thought I would have to buy a new one. Not today.

The company is called Fast Fix (instagram), they can be reached through the following number (whatsapp – English & Arabic) 66566908.


I called them up around 5:30PM, the dude that answered asked when the crack occurred, I told him it was just fresh so he checked for the first open spot, which happened to be at 6:30PM. I gave him my home address and he said someone would contact me for further directions.

By 6:00PM I received a whatsapp message from a number asking for directions. Completely unlike Kuwait, at 6:20PM the driver was downstairs and asked me to join him.

The process took around 30 minutes. First a hole is drilled at the end of the crack to ensure it does not get bigger, then a material, epoxy I believe, is carefully inserted into the crack, covered with celotape and then finally subjected to blue light for about 15 minutes.


The result was extraordinary. The crack became a hairline fracture barely showing unless you look for it. Sikandar (pictured above) was polite, pleasant, on-point and on-time.

Final bill was KD 7.

Here is hoping to never see them again (for the foreseeable future), but it is good to know they are available should one be in need of their assistance!

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