Who will save the Savior?

In this crazy world, we often need to ask other people for assistance. However is it possible to do so when people look to you for that assistance?

On the drive back from a lunch break in a distant past, the “free turn” at one of the many signals in Kuwait city was blocked.

Voicing my indignation to my friend, we later came to realize the source of said blockage:





Now, who helps the helper?

Also, notice the ingenious use of a pillow as a cautionary stop sign to prevent any from foolishly taking the turn at high speed.

The most interesting sight however was witnessing a bus take to the curb and physically climb over it in order to take the free right, with complete reckless abandon throwing all caution to the wind. It was one of those sights where you barely had enough time to whip out your smart phone to capture the scene as it happened so fast.

Kuwait City, never a dull moment.

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