Why has Kuwait become so Anti-Balcony?

Once upon a time, long ago in houses far and wide across Kuwait, there existed such a thing known as “the balcony“.

Twas a wondrous area where adventures were undertaken, items stored, and general beauty appreciated.

A few such adventures of mine included a nice game of “Fort” when our neighbors brought a new refrigerator, that fort served as a hiding place for me and my brother as we assaulted pedestrian passers-by with a BB gun. One of our victims actually stopped and scolded us, only for our short childlike memories to assault him once again on his way back!

The balcony served as a refuge for my pet cat, there was where we kept her litter box. We had taught her to meow by the balcony door (strategically placed in the bedroom right by the table where I studied) when she needed to relieve herself, I would diligently open the door and let her out, letting her in again as she meows from the other side. She spent many a day idly sitting on the sills watching the kids at play beneath her.


where have all the balconies gone?

Now, it seems as though balconies have become a thing of the past, extinct in over 90% of all new buildings.

A lot has changed since the golden age of Kuwait. Not all of it for the better.

Balconies were an ideal place to have a barbecue, an ideal place to sit at night and enjoy the breeze.

Some owners, like the monster responsible for the picture above, will give u an “illusion” of a balcony, where all it is is merely an oversized window. Others will give you a balcony, on a miniature scale.

Regardless of the weather, such an amenity should not be forcibly removed by architects designing the “New” Kuwait.

Where have all the balconies gone?

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