Why NAS are the worst baggage handlers in the history of Kuwait


The fun never stops with airline troubles!

Following the fiasco I went through to receive my lost luggage from Pegasus Airlines, fate would so have it that someone very near and dear to me would suffer similarly – my Dad.

His luggage was also delayed, his airline was also handled by NAS, in his case however they immediately sent a text message informing him that his luggage had arrived in Kuwait. Seeing as how he was not carrying the lost luggage report on his person at the time, we decided to visit the airport later that evening to collect it.

So we arrive there, he goes to the lost luggage desk, hands over his report and is told to wait for 20-30 minutes as they retrieve the bag from customs. The waiting period becomes longer, every time we go to them we are told, any minute now. Finally, after an hour at the airport, we are told that THEY HAD TAKEN DELIVERY OF THE BAG EARLIER THAT DAY and that THEY HAD NO IDEA WHICH DRIVER HAD IT.

Not only that, but they had not updated their system to reflect that the bag was collected by their driver, so we were waiting in futility at the airport for a bag that had already left.

So word to the wise; if you fly an airline that lists NAS as their handling company in Kuwait, good luck…

You’re going to need it.

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