Why Pegasus Airlines (@flymepegasus) are the Worst Airline in the World

We all have terrible travel tales; it goes without saying that the more you travel, the more likely you are to encounter a company that does not do things the way you are used to, which ultimately results in a clash of Titanic proportions (Titanic as in Greek Mythology, not Vessel and iceberg; I digress).

It all started a few months ago when I was planning a vacation. The ultimate desire is to leave your country in the wee hours of the morning and return in the wee hours of the night. This was made possible by selecting a flight that arrived at our destination at 1:30PM, and a flight that leaves our vacation spot at 7:50PM.

The trip there went without incident, whereas the trip back however was a recollection of Lemony Snicket’s a series of unfortunate events. In this case however, the unfortunate events far exceeded the regular capacity of human endurance, the “three-strikes-you’re-out” was so far passed that the umpire quit and the ballpark was razed to the ground and turned into a parking lot.

Now that creativity has been expended, here is what actually happened on our fateful trip on Pegasus Airlines.

STRIKE 1: our flight TO Istanbul from our vacation spot was delayed by an hour. Usually this would not be a problem, except our transit was 1hr30mins, meaning we would definitely miss our transit. As this had happened to me before during my honeymoon, I did not sweat it. Any decent airline would immediately rebook you on the FIRST flight available to your destination country.

I was not aware that Pegasus was NOT a decent airline.

Upon arrival at the airport in Istanbul, the staff at the transfer desk were quick to inform us that our plane had taken off and that we had missed the flight. I asked what could be done, and he told me that they would fly us out on the same flight the next day, meaning a 24-hour waiting period in Turkey. He then told us that we have to enter the country.

Now, something you learn when you grow up is that not all people are the same; some passports give their carriers visa on arrival, others do not. I am not entitled to visa on arrival unless I fulfill certain requirements. Fortunately I had, but the question remains, what if I had not?

STRIKE 2: we asked if we could speak to the supervisor/manager as a) did not wish to remain in Turkey for 24 hours, b) did not wish to enter Turkey. The employee at the transfer desk could not have been more smug in saying there was no plan B, it was either enter the country and be taken to a hotel free of cost, of remain stranded in the transit area for a full day. Moreover, he refused to contact his supervisor, insisting we go speak to them after passing customs.

STRIKE 3: the transfer desk staff, bedecked in their Pegasus Airlines  (PA) uniforms, became extremely rude and insolent, wanting only to leave (it was near 12AM at the time). So they finally abandoned all the stranded passengers and made their way home, telling us that if we wanted anything else, to go to the police.

The police informed us that they receive hundreds of complaints about PA and how the company does not care about its image or customers, and that as we spoke the police were currently handling a situation where a passenger was brought in on a PA flight who had no visa to enter Turkey.

They were also extremely helpful in telling us where to find free WIFI in order to pay for the e-visa online.

Here in lies my greatest qualm with PA, what if I was not eligible for an e-visa? Is it ok for the airline to not have a contingency for passengers who are stranded because of their flight schedules?

Again, you have no idea how rude the transfer desk staff were; one passenger did not speak English or Arabic, and they just ignored him completely. I tried as hard as I could to speak to him in French, to an extent.

One specific employee kept repeating the phrase, “not my problem” when we told him what if we cannot enter Turkey. His response to us requesting him to get his manager was always, “no, no”. The rest of their staff did not speak English.

We were forced in the end to enter Turkey, after spending 4 hours at the airport, we were taken to a hotel in the middle of nowhere that confiscated our passports for “registration” which took around 16 hours.

And on top of all that, when we arrived in Kuwait,,

STRIKE 4: they had lost my bag.

Strangely enough, the rest of our luggage made it, on our original flight! So they had the time to move our luggage, but not us from one plane to another.

The 4th strike came to a happy ending in that I got my bag back yesterday (we arrived Sunday morning), through no help from PA or their baggage handler in Kuwait, NAS, the worst company I ever dealt with in that their phones are always off, and when they do work, you are kept waiting for close to 20 minutes with no answer until you hang up.

Stay tuned for more facts as to why PA is the 3rd worst airline in the world.

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