Why Run?

A video by Kuwait’s own Adam Aesh, explaining why he chooses to run, may it serve to motivate the tired masses that prefer to sleep in on weekends rather than challenge themselves.

“Runners were people who went in straight lines going out of breath! Why would anyone do that, was beyond me. The activity seemed painstakingly boring, but at one point, I needed to switch certain habits with others, because you don’t simply rid yourself of addictions, you switch them, or so they say. So I picked up running as a way to vent things off, be it bad energy, a tough day, to meditate! (

Believe it or not), or give them feel-good hormones a stir. My very first run I remember was in a pair of adidas classics that had subjected me to all sorts of injuries, some of which may even still persist. It had also been during the midday sun (not that I’m encouraging you to do so), and I may have covered 3 to 4k that day! From that point on however, my journey started with being a runner and I never looked back.

Adam Ayesh

Adam took part in the 21K race last Saturday.

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