Why Whatsapp Calling will not work for you now

A lot of people are wondering why the whatsapp calling function is not working for them.

At first, it was thought to be a region thing, a ban on VoIP. However, tis not the case in the desert paradise of Kuwait.

So what gives? Why is it not working?

A quick google search shows that in order to get whatsapp calling activated on your phone, you need to receive a call from someone with whatsapp call function enabled.

You also needed to have the latest version of whatsapp installed on your phone.

In addition, you should be Android, as iOS is giving the calling functionality a spot of trouble.

However, even if you accomplish all of the above, you will still NOT get whatsapp calling to work.


Here is the official reason:

Screenshot_2015-03-28-22-21-05 (1)

I contacted Whatsapp with screenshots and the likes, their response was the function is in Beta and they are not adding any more users currently.

So, lets wait and see.

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