Why you shouldn’t use @souq @souqkuwait in Kuwait anymore

The days of souq.com delivery in Kuwait are over.

It saddens me to have to report this, as I relied heavily and boasted wholeheartedly about their services (link 1, link 2, link 3) in the past. That was of course until recently when I discovered that their contact number no longer showed a Kuwaiti local number, shortly after that, orders were backlogged and drivers were careless and uncaring.

Complaints of any written kind, either email or through their website, fell on deaf ears (or blind eyes), the only way I saw to receive one of the items I had purchased was to contact their customer service, in Dubai.

If you check their website now you will be shocked to see the prices they are charging, down to the 3 decimal point for the fils, mainly due to it being converted from Dirhams.

It is with great sadness that I inform everyone that as an online retailer, souq.com have forever abandoned their loyal customers in Kuwait, leaving naught but delivery men in our vicinity, and no office to handle complaints.

One of my orders has been pending now for over a month, despite delivery being mentioned as maximum 9 days.

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