Will Kuwait Municipality Respond to Complaints?

The government of Kuwait has embraced a very modern approach to communication; that of zero’s and ones.

Gone are the days of standing in the blistering, smoldering sun, taking time off from work to do mundane tasks such as paying a telephone bill, electricity bill etc.

With the implementation of Kuwait’s E-Gov system, all those processes can be done from the comfort of your own airconditioned home, at the simple click of a button.

Currently, my sights are set on a local transgressor in my area; the Kuwait International English School.

The history is as follows; for more than a decade I have been living in the same area, directly beside a building that is a school. I have seen many different schools come and go, from Al-Qabas to an Indian School, and finally the current occupants, The Kuwait International English School.

During the times of the previous schools, the entire area surrounding the campus, which is pretty sizeable, was open to everyone, including the giant area outside the school were we had many a football match as children. KIES decided to unlawfully seize the surrounding area and convert it for its own use. The lands around the building were turned into shaded parking, the empty area outside was walled up and converted into a second playground for the school. Even the areas that served no purpose to the school were used, areas that provide parking to the many residents living around the school. KIES decided to place flower pots to prevent people from parking.

A year or so ago, the Municipality caught wind of these transgressions and leveled the walls that KIES had erected around the playground, as well as removed the flower pots and the posts + chain used to ward off the parking area. The municipality is no stranger to the area as it is very close to the plethora of coffee shops and sheisha bars in Kuwait, where transgressing upon government property (i.e. the pavement) is the norm. Many a time bulldozers have come to tear down all illegal buildings.

For a while, all was well, occasionally KIES would put up chains around the parking lot, only to have it broken down by the residents of the area.

Just recently however, KIES has once again returned to their old ways and decided to cordon the parking lot, despite it being Summer.

So, I drafted a long narrative to the Municipality of Kuwait (website) reference number S2541062012.

Will they reply? Will something be done to combat these tyrannical raid by KIES upon government property?

Only time will tell.

NOTE: upon the events of the Kuwait Local Super Hero, the chains have NOT been put up. Whether Kuwait Municipality listened to my complaint or whether it is the daring heroics of this lone figure, we will never know…

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