Woman Beaten up by 5 Men in 360 Parking lot as Passerby’s Tweet and Watch

In a crowded mall on a busy weekend, a lone woman gets physically assaulted by 5 teenagers, ages ranging from 17~18 as passersby watch on, and worse, tweet about the incident without lifting a finger to help or even show a shred of decency and support the victim.

You know society has lost all sense of morality, decency and chivalry when such an incident takes place and not one person attempts to intervene.

It all started on a friday night, when a group of friends decided to get together at 360 Mall.

We were heading off to meet our friend, who went to the mall earlier than us. En route, we receive a call and the woman is hysterical, 5 guys beat her up in the parking lot of 360!

At first my mind failed to process the incident. She must be exaggerating. People would NOT stand by as a woman gets beaten up by 5 guys in a crowded parking lot without trying to help her. Right?

How wrong I was.

After getting to the mall and heading towards the police checkpoint inside, we saw her.

Scratch marks all over her neck and arms. Black eye. Bruised lip.

The sequence of events as told by the Police officers were as follows:

1) get a medical report of your injuries from a government hospital.

2) head over to the Police station and file a report against the assailants.

Now you might be asking yourself how does a woman get into a situation whereby 5 guys mercilessly beat her up? We’ll get to that later.

After she left to get her medical report, she informed me that her “story” made Twitter, so at first I believed that people would be talking about how brutal this incident was and that one person would come forward with some useful information, plate numbers etc.

Here is the tweet she read whilst sitting in the Police Station:

For those that don't read Arabic, person tweets "keep your kids at home", her friend asks "why", she goes "woman cursing at top of her lungs in parking lot" and the rest is English

the first tweet

For those that don’t read Arabic, person tweets “keep your kids at home”, her friend asks “why”, she goes “woman cursing at top of her lungs in parking lot” and the rest is English “KIDS SHOULDNT SEE THIS”.

Again, I thought maybe its not her fault, maybe she didn’t witness the assault, so lets inform her of the actual happenings that occurred.

my response

my response

I could not fathom how a woman screaming profanity at the top of her lungs at her 5 assailants as people watched on could be the hot topic of Twitter. Then it dawned on me, people see what the want to see, remember the bear playing basketball video?

asking her in black and white:

is it?

is it?

The answer goes:

Yes I would have helped her. Pray tell how? By telling them to be nice? Please stop hitting the woman? Kids are watching?

Yes I would have helped her. Pray tell how? By telling them to be nice? Please stop hitting the woman? Kids are watching?

The more I replied the more I understood there was no point trying to explain the story, people have already made their judgment. They CHOSE to see a woman cursing at the top of her lungs, or hear, and did not bother to find out why this was happening. Not that they should, it does not matter to them, but if you are going to tweet about it, at least try to get the full story. And even with the full story, people remain adamant about their position.

She wasn't asking for help. Cursing is wrong.

She wasn’t asking for help. Cursing is wrong.

So, a woman, as she is getting brutalized by 5 guys, should NOT insult them, and instead call for help. Sounds fair right?

Again, how would you have helped?

Again, in case you missed it the first time


"I think cursing at the top of your lungs is wrong."

“I think cursing at the top of your lungs is wrong.”

Here is her justification as to why cursing is wrong, just in case you are wondering:

Why cursing is wrong

Why cursing is wrong

You want to know the funny thing? Luckily for her (my friend, the victim) there was a female lawyer in a car behind them, and she informed her of what charges she should press. Not ONCE did she mention anything about her cursing, which given her ordeal is a MOOT POINT, neither did the police men in the basement.

I will go out on a limb here and believe that the tweeter is a mother, given her voracious defense of how children should not hear a woman screaming expletives at the top of her lungs.

Want to know why this person was screaming expletives? She enters a parking lot and sees teenagers driving erratically in a parking lot, putting the lives of everyone around them in danger, children included. She foolishly takes it upon herself to tell them not to do so. They take offense. They followed her in the parking lot and rear-ended her car. She steps out of her car to check the damage, they assault her.

All. Five. Of. Them.

It is amazing how society always chooses to villainise the victim. At first she was at fault for cursing out loud, then she was at fault for not calling for help.

I did not know that a woman getting assaulted by 5 guys needed to call out for help.

And that ladies and gentlemen is everything that is wrong with out society today. In an effort to seem “cool”, people resort to twitter to rant about their days, not caring a drop that who can read what they say. In a bizarre twist of fate, the victim actually read these tweets.

The victim is my friend. I take offense to peoples lack of compassion and insistence on erroneous positions.

Careful ladies, next time you stand up for what is right, and you get beaten up for it, please do not scream expletive at the top of your lungs and call for help.

That is what society expects you to do.

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