Word to the wise Kuwait Instagram sellers

What at first appeared to be the latest in a scheme of “get rich quick” ploys has swiftly turned into a day of reckoning for all who conduct business through Instagram.

Take it from me, licencing an actual company is no walk in the park in Kuwait. You find yourself in a human pinball machine, being shot from one government building to the next. In order to circumvent that, some individuals decided to open up “Insta-businesses”, stores without locations that sell merchandise through Instagram.

Now at first it would appear to be the perfect scenario, the Golden Touch. Buy some things abroad and sell ’em for 4X the value, without having to go through the hassle of licencing an import/export company etc., shelving out thousands of Dinars in capital etc.

However, A LOT OF PEOPLE CUT CORNERS! They buy counterfeit crap and try to pass it off as original, or maybe they did not know any better. One such individual finds themselves in hot waters as the courts of Kuwait have ordered them to pay a female plaintiff the sum of KD1,500 for psychological damages she suffered when she bought a counterfeit purse through Instagram. The woman placed an order for an original purse for KD 500 then later discovered it was a premium counterfeit. (link)

The insta-bubble has popped! HALLELUJAH!

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